Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rom


After three remarkable episodes on Gameboy Advance, this is the first version of the Fire Emblem series to be available on Gamecube. Very appreciated by the fans, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rom is essential to this universe.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rom

Everything you need to know about this Fire Emblem Gamecube Rom

General features

This adventure on Gamecube focuses on a new storyline, where you portray a talented knight named Ike. For once, you are not the one in charge of an army trying to restaure peace on the world. The commandant’s name is Greil and he is a close companion (and even more than that) of Ike. If you played the previous episodes, you will clearly feel this difference. In the past ones, the main aspect was the connection between the characters. Between you, being the commander, and the team of fighters you were running. This emotional proximity was giving a very particular vision on the game. However, with this opus, the experience is as good, but in a different way.


You will grow a strong connection with the main character, Ike, driven by altruistic intentions. But other characters will also pick your interest. Like Shinon or Soren, who bring their share of contradictory feelings and thoughts. This has always been one of the strong points of Fire Emblem, to offer rich and diverse characters. As always the character design is impeccable.

The continent of Tellius is divided between two races. The Beorc (who are human) and the Laguz (who can change forms). The humans despise the Laguz, and consider them as animals, while the Laguz hate the Beorc. If the Beorcs use weapons and magic, the Laguz have a ferocious animal-like appearance and fight with sharp claws. They have a transformation gauge which allows them to switch from human to animal forms. But they can only fight under their beast form. Thus it is essential to check how fast this gauge refills. There are several people under the Laguz, the beasts, the birds, and the dragons. But in the forest of Serenes, you can also find the clan of the Herons, who look like angels, are able to transform too, and have songs with various properties. For example, one of them allows a unit to play twice a turn.

The struggle for the power opposing those two races is troubling the peace of the continent. Thus, when the kingdom of Daein invades the nation of Crimea, Ike ,who is a young soldier of Greil, finds himself in an enormous conflict.

Apart from its unprecedented 3D realisation, this opus offers for the first time dubbing during the story scenes.


Fire Emblem Gamecube Rom

Technical features

The gameplay keeps the principles of the previous games of the series. You have to take the fields and the environment under consideration. You can try to save an injured unit, and you still have the triangle system of weapons. But some new aspects were added to the tactical possibilities. First of all, something will give you a greater liberty of action, the command « shove », allowing you to move another character. Either if it is a friend or an ennemy. This command is particularly useful when you find yourself behind a line of soldiers that won’t move away. To do so you will have to consider your weight and the one of the character you want to push.

Another type of missions were also added to this opus, the speedrun. In this one, you have to run away from a battlefield with as few damage as possible. A funny addition, which changes from what we usually expect in a RPG.

But the two new main features rely on the adding of the new race mentionnend above. And the technical system belonging to a specific type and class of characters. It offers particular caracteritics like initiative or counter attack. It increases even more the tactical possibilities, already numerous and fascinating in this game.

It follows the footsteps of the previous episodes, like Fire Emblem 7 Rom, keeping the most important features, and adding a few new ones.

Should I download Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Rom ?

The graphic design for Gamecube is good. Maybe not great, but the quality of the battle scenes, its dynamism, and lighting effects are impeccable. Like for most of the Fire Emblem, you’ll have about 30 hours playing in order to finish this game. Especially since you will probably have to start over again some of the missions. Which are probably a bit easier than the GBA versions.

The gameplay is always good in Fire Emblem, this opus is no exception. With this Gamecube version, you will have a deep and complex gameplay you can discover thanks to very educational tutorial. The new features added to this game also increase the pleasure of playing.

This episode is a worthy successor of the series. It is as good as the others and added some interesting innovations. Even if you are not that familiar with this universe you should definitely try Fire Emblem Path of Radiance rom.


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